The Watford Muslim Youth Centre Trust was set up in May 2012 with the aim of establishing a multipurpose community centre in Tolpits Lane, Watford.

This centre will be an interactive space offering a wide range of educational and recreational activities to people of all ages and backgrounds. We are designing a state of the art facility to provide these services. However, our vision is not limited to bricks and mortar. WMYCT will continue to be responsible for the facility once it is complete. With this in mind, we are already designing services and activities to be implemented. We hope that our endeavours will promote togetherness within Watford and help build bridges between various ethnic groups. By providing a safe environment where young people can have fun and learn, the centre will help shape the future of Watford while fulfilling the needs of the present.

Our Mission

To serve the Creator by serving His Creation. This selfless servitude will be in the form of high quality provisions such as cutting edge education, teaching valuable skills, offering insightful guidance and delivering community programmes that truly address the needs of the community

Our Vision

To enrich society. We aim to deliver services that will allow the building of a healthy and vibrant society. We hope that this will create role models and people with exemplary character who dedicate their lives in making this world a better place and enriching the lives of people around them.

We have a target completion date of December 2021. We need your support to complete.

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Some of our fruitful Team

We are a volunteer based organisation. Most of our work, from building this website, to running our day to day activities is done by volunteers. For more information on joining us please get in touch.

Zahid Zarin


Imran Khan

Secretary Trustee

Dahoud Riaz


Dr Saiqah Azad


Services & Activities at WMYC

The Watford Muslim Youth Centre Trust is working tirelessly to bring your community centre on Tolpits Lane to fruition. We envisage our community centre to become a model centre that caters for the entire needs of the community. We desire to serve our young, our old, our sisters, our brothers and most importantly the future of our community. Please join hands with us to bring success to our community.