“I am delighted to endorse the Watford Muslim Youth Centre.
I am so impressed by the group that are taking this project forward, I believe they can and will deliver. Their commitment to young Muslims in particular is of paramount importance as our youngsters need plenty of support to stay on the right path and fulfil their potential in a rapidly changing world.

It will also be a centre for the Muslim community to gather and celebrate but they also wish to share their building with everyone. This is a group that wants to work with partners and other groups to ensure this centre thrives! It is a massive project but wow! what a monument and credit to our Muslim residents it will be. This will be something that anyone would be proud to be associated with – as I certainly am.”

Yours sincerely,


Dorothy Thornhill MBE
Elected Mayor of Watford

June 2011 Watford, UK Elected Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill

“It is always great to see members of our community working so hard to help others, and that is exactly what those behind Watford Muslim Youth Centre are doing. I believe that WMYC’s passion and determination could bring a great deal of benefit to a number of local people. Those behind the project include local teachers, doctors and community leaders, who are drawing on all of their experiences to provide the best possible services for local people, and this I believe will be the key to the success of this project as well as setting it apart from others.”

Richard Harrington
MP for Watford.

RH Aug 11