A plea from the Chairman of the Watford Muslim Youth Centre Trust.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are faced with the responsibility of paving the path for our future generations. Despite the difficulties we face in our society, we are determined to provide the necessary facilities that will empower the youth to become the best that they can be.

We sincerely want to see our sisters and brothers experience success. We envisage that this success can only materialise if our community has access to vital facilities within a centre that can educate and enrich the youth.

I am delighted that Dorothy Thornhill, elected Mayor of Watford, is supporting us wholeheartedly and we now officially possess the lease of the land. The remaining task is to raise funds and build our community centre.

While we appreciate that the fundraising target to build a model community centre is estimated at £1.5 million, we know that this investment into our community will yield results beyond any measure. Please join us in this endeavour to build your community centre.

We sincerely thank you for your support.

Zahid Zarin